Why Sweetwater?

Sweetwater Financial Advisors, LLC, provides personalized wealth management and financial planning services to individuals and their families. Sweetwater Financial Advisors employs a broadly diversified investment approach, capitalizing on the strengths and performance of the world's foremost money managers. Sweetwater's investment program creates stability and growth opportunity in a constantly changing investing environment.  

The team at Sweetwater Financial Advisors invites you to consider our firm to help you achieve your long-term financial goals and achieve financial freedom. We provide a highly personalized approach, catering to all types of investors in all phases of life. Please call, or email, today to see how Sweetwater can help you achieve financial freedom.


Our Services

Sweetwater Financial Advisors, LLC (SFA), provides personalized wealth management and financial planning services to individuals and their families. Following is a summary of our services, the values from which we operate and an explanation of our investment program.

We serve professionals, executives and families with comprehensive wealth management services, accompanied with the highest level of service and integrity.

SFA operates as a team, combining the skill and background of all firm members on behalf of our private client group. Our approach is based on first securing a permanent financial foundation for our clients. From this foundation, we execute a plan to protect and increase net worth.

This goal is accomplished through a proven investment selection process combined with careful planning.  SFA strives to help our clients:

  • Understand the specifics of budgeting and planning

  • Understand their financial net worth and the power of eliminating debt

  • Establish appropriate cash reserves for future needs

  • Execute proper wills and trusts

  • Maintain proper life and disability insurance

  • Establish education accounts for children and grandchildren

  • Invest for the long-term

Through personal consultation with each client, we familiarize ourselves with a client's personality, family situation, assets and comfort level regarding investment suitability. As part of this comprehensive planning process, we estimate cash needs based on current and anticipated expenses. The result is a comprehensive wealth plan tailored to meet the specific goals of each member of our private client group.


Our Methodology

SFA employs a broadly diversified approach to investing. We assess the macroeconomic environment, identify trends and ascertain whether they are in their early or late stages. We also analyze historical market data and current market conditions, to narrow the scope of appropriate opportunities. This rigorous process eliminates thousands of potential investments – many of which may be well known, yet are identifiably poor choices from our perspective.   From this remaining group, we apply time tested tools of asset allocation, rebalancing and diversification, creating a strategic and effective investment program.


The Difference